Who is a Hindu
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Who is a Hindu : Foreword

Hindu Revivalist Views of Animism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Other Offshoots of Hinduism.

  1. Credal definitions


This book contains a part of my Ph.D. thesis, updated and adapted for general publication.  It can best be read in conjunction with the main part of the thesis, now in print under the title *Decolonizing the Hindu Mind*.

My thanks are due to Mrs. Yamini Liu, Mr. Gopi Maliwal, Mr. Krishan Bhatnagar, Mr. Pradeep Goel, Mr. Satinder Trehan, Dr. Tushar Ravuri and Mr. Vishal Agarwal, as well as to the late Prof. Kedar Nath Mishra.  But any mistakes are of course due only to my own oversight.  Corrections and other feedback are welcomed.

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